Sensitive Skin Trial / Travel Set

Startset voor de gevoelige huid


Een selectie van 4 producten (+/- 30 dagen) van producten voor de gevoelige huid om het rewilding proces mee te starten. De set is ideaal voor op reis, als cadeu of om het merk uit te proberen.


(12 klantbeoordelingen)

120,00 incl. BTW


100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
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12 beoordelingen voor Sensitive Skin Trial / Travel Set

  1. Nolwazi Zwane

    Where can I buy the travel pack? I have extremely sensitive skin so please can I be directed to where I can purchase this pack.

  2. Roxanne

    I started with the sensitive range a couple of days ago and my skin had a mild to moderate reaction. Unfortunately small little bumps started forming on my face (mostly chin/ jawline, cheeks and neck) by the third day. I have stopped the product but am quite disappointed because I suffer with acne from sensitive skin and I was really hoping this was the new product for me! On the bright side my acne did clear up… It is really such a pity that I had a negative allergic reaction to the products. My advice would be to do a tester on your arm first! Really these are such great products, it’s just a pity that I am allergic to some ingredient in them.

    Response from Esse: Hi Roxanne. I’m sorry to hear that your skin felt has responded a little alarmingly but from your description, this sounds like a fairly common detox reaction to switching to a natural brand. Outbreaks of this sort generally run through in 2 to 3 weeks. It’s important to understand that skin is constantly responding to inputs and something new triggers different mechanisms in skin, even if a change is for the better. If you would like to be in touch for advice, please feel to drop us a mail on with more info about your age, skin type, primary concerns and current routine.

  3. Lea

    I bought this kit before i bought the full size products just to see what i would think of the products that are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. My hot damn, I am so happy found this brand. Truly amazing

  4. Cordnee lee Moonsamy

    The ultimate kit for someone with extreme sensitivity. Great way to see if the product will work for you.

  5. Jill

    This is anyone’s perfect start. When your skin is reactive and you would like to try a new product. Great for teenagers with breakout or anyone moving feom another product to Esse.
    When client moves to normal size products, the toner is a pleasant surprise and so good for the Skin.

  6. Melissa Johnson

    New to Esse and hesitant to go and spend money due to disappointment in the past?! This cost effective trial pack is sure to have you smiling from ear to ear. Subtle vanilla scent, 3 basic starter products in a convenient travel and friendly sized container. Guaranteed to have your clients coming back for retail sizes!

  7. Jenine Harrison

    This pack is great for people trying out esse for the 1st time.. 5 gentle products in a travel friendly container. Brilliant!

  8. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    This is such a clever idea for traveling. The size of the tube is just enough to keep you going on holiday and its so easy to fit into any bag or pocket. I love this idea, and its great for testing out the range too.

  9. Yvette Botha

    The Esse Trial packs are ideal for travelling or if you just want to try some products out in the range. I never travel without a trial pack, the sizing is perfect, and does not take up allot of space.

  10. Megan Fosse

    I never go anywhere without my ESSE trial pack. I travel a bit and its comforting to know that I dont have to pack my beautiful glass bottles into my bag,I can just take a trial pack! I do include my eye and lip cream and protect oil though

  11. Stephanie

    This trial back isnt only great to test out what best suites ur skin but also great for traveling.

  12. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    I love the fact I got to experience using the Senative trial pack to test out the product myself. The trial pack is a amazing idea because it allows you to try the product yourself at home:). The trial packs are also great for gifts and for traveling.

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